WordPress and Drupal – What’s right for your website?

WordPress is awesome on the outside (administration UI) while Drupal works better on the inside (architecture, design API).

WordPress is better than Drupal for blogs, but Drupal stands out when you have more sophisticated requirements. Non-technical people tend to like WordPress better because it is easier to use. People more well-versed in software development find Drupal better to work with because of it is core strengths.


  • Online community, where everyone can have their own blog.
  • Quickly platform content creation easier
  • General training low
  • Easy to install and go
  • Easily add new sites and blogs that our content needs to be expanded
  • Ease of use and Navigation and easy to learn.
  • Building a single blog with basic features.
  • expand your blog into a websites
  • works with MYSQL database
  • wide selection of themes and plugins available
  • More frequent release updates


  • Advanced CMS that can do something
  • General education high
  • Difficult to install and go
  • Large complex sites that have to do a lot of different things
  • start with a blog and want to develop your website in the future
  • Building Group or Community
  • Manageability control
  • Works with any database platform
  • Themes Available
  • Less frequent release updates

In conclusion, using a website content management system can greatly improve its organizational structure, and can better optimize for search engines. Both WordPress and Drupal are efficient CMS engines and you can be sure of finding one of them to be the right one for your website whether you are a beginner or an expert.

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