How to Create a podcast in WordPress?

Podcasting is disseminating audio or video via RSS 2.0, or Atom. For distributing your audio and video file on internet podcasting is an easy and convenient way. These audio and video files are released on weekly and monthly basis quite frequently.  They are often used as a function on a web or blog, and take care of topics that interest your viewers.

Whether you want to have a podcast for your website viewers or as a way for your enterprise to be connected with your clients, frequent audio or video content can be a highly effective way. WordPress, which has become the most well-known software for individuals to publish their weblogs, creates it very simple to publish your own podcast.

Creating a podcast in WordPress

  • Create your audio and video file

The first phase is to create the real audio or video that you want to broadcast on internet. You can use any format for these audio and video files as a lot of formats are available, but it’s probably best to keep with the de facto expectations of MP3 for audio podcasts and MP4 for video podcasts.

A lot of application softwares are available for creating the audio file and same as you can create through any available device that you have like a cell phone or any other camera to make a video. There is no control to how extravagant or innovative you can get. Keep in mind, though, that most of your viewers will eventually value material over type.

  • Upload your file

Next, publish your audio or videos to your server. Use the “Upload New Media” function from your WordPress dashboard (provided that your audio or video file size is under 7MB). If the file is bigger than 7MB, then you are going to need use an ftp client to publish the file. (You may need to get in touch with your web page manager or host to get the ftp configurations for your web page to be able to do these submissions)

  • Link your file

Install podcast plugin for WordPress and then follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Write a new post.
  2. In the title enter the name of the Podcast that you are going to share.
  3. In the description write the description of your podcast.
  4. In the Post box, include a link to the podcast file’s URL.
  5. Chose category for your Podcast.
  6. Then Click Save.

Latest podcast

WordPress will automatically update the link to that file in your blog’s RSS or Atom feast. Your viewers can now get your podcasts by basically registering to your feed.

WordPress can even create a devoted feed for your Podcasts. These are individual from your normal feed. To create a devoted Podcast feed, first create a new classification for your sequence of Podcasts, and offer it an appropriate name. Determine this new classification to every new Podcast within the sequence. You now have a new RSS feed available at the following address:


If you want more alternatives for handling and publicizing your Podcasts, check out the WordPress web page and look for Podcasting plug-ins. There are a variety of different choices available, and it should be relatively easy to find one that matches your needs.

When you have Podcasts on your WordPress website, allowing your viewers an additional way to keep in touch with you, and this will only create your website more powerful and more useful.

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