How to Create a podcast in WordPress?

Podcasting is disseminating audio or video via RSS 2.0, or Atom. For distributing your audio and video file on internet podcasting is an easy and convenient way. These audio and video files are released on weekly and monthly basis quite frequently.  They are often used as a function on a web or blog, and take […]

Best Apps for Iphone and Android Developement 2011

The following lists are for the top iPhone and Android apps of 2011. IPhone 1. iSlash App for iPhone Quick reaction game, chopping shape to certain percentage while avoiding ninja stars. 2. Myths and Facts App for iPhone Exploring and explaining myths and facts on your iPhone 3. Yearly App for iPhone Extracting data associated […]

Top 5 Events Calendar Plugins for WordPress

The following are few of the best calendar plugins for WordPress websites. These plugins could help you fulfill your needs for your small business events. Every Plugins has their own importance and unique purpose to fulfill your specific needs, and can also be easily customized according to your requirements and will make your small business […]

WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

Small Business websites can benefit from a CMS platform like WordPress. That is why most of the small businesses want to use WordPress for their online presence. WordPress offers user-friendly back-end environment in order to make changes to the navigation menu and the content of the website. The best thing about WordPress is the number […]

Security on WordPress Websites

For online small business presence, the security of a WordPress website is critical. The hackers are attracted to popular websites. So, once your website becomes popular hackers are likely to exploit the security loopholes in the website. Your website hosting company plays an important role for making a secure setup for your website servers. Your […]

Things to consider for building a Small Business Mobile App

Mobile Applications are increasing rapidly. As the technology grows, more people rely on smart phones and also small businesses using mobile applications to connect with their customers. Lots of applications are available for small businesses, like offering creative discount on a treasure hunt, tools to make the life easier through trainings, online shopping and lots […]

Tips for Blogging for SEO in WordPress

Search Engine Indexed the content and it is the most important part of your small business website, also the indexing the content to search engine is not magic, you need to perform few steps that will help the search engine finds and organize your website content. If you want to improve your wordpress blog post […]

Essential Components for Effective SEO

Every search engine has different algorithms that they can use to rank the sites, and these algorithms are always changing. As all the necessary components of a good SEO strategy combine to give a good result, it takes effective strategy to implement the tactical elements to work together perfectly. Key Components for effective SEO are: […]

HTML5 a Future for Websites and Internet

Internet is constantly evolving. New and attractive websites are created every day, pushing the boundaries of HTML in every direction. HTML 4 has been around for almost a decade, and a publisher seeking new techniques to provide better functionality is hampered by the limitations of language and browsers. To give authors more flexibility and interoperability, […]