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Best Apps for Iphone and Android Developement 2011
The following lists are for the top iPhone and Android apps of 2011. IPhone 1. iSlash App for iPhone Quick reaction game, chopping shape to certain percentage while avoiding ninja stars. 2. Myths and Facts App for iPhone Exploring and explaining myths and facts on your iPhone 3. Yearly App for iPhone Extracting data associated […]
10 Best Apps on iPhone and Android
Littlephoto Android App Littlephoto provides some great effects to turn your boringly pristine digital photos into retro works of art. BBC News Android App The Beeb has done a great job on this app, as it looks slick but also provides a very intuitive way to browse around news subjects. Better Hotmail Microsoft has yet […]
A good comparison of Droid X & iPhone 4
The competition between the mobile phones is really heating up. The spotlight is definitely on iPhone 4 but Droid X is really going to give iPhone switchers a worthy alternative. Droid X vs iPhone 4: Spec Smackdown
iPhone OS 4 is out!
CNET has an awesome in-depth review on the iPhone OS 4. My favorite features are multi-tasking (with caveats!), unified inbox with threaded messages, App folders, and bluetooth keyboards. Apple iOS 4 review