Archive | June, 2010

LinkedIn improvements to increase user engagement
It is nice to see that LinkedIn is making these changes to encourage and give incentive to people to contribute and engage in conversations in groups. If LinkedIn can also make their group update emails more user-friendly as well with an easy to follow format classifying the updates, it will help them drive more traffic […]
A good comparison of Droid X & iPhone 4
The competition between the mobile phones is really heating up. The spotlight is definitely on iPhone 4 but Droid X is really going to give iPhone switchers a worthy alternative. Droid X vs iPhone 4: Spec Smackdown
iPhone OS 4 is out!
CNET has an awesome in-depth review on the iPhone OS 4. My favorite features are multi-tasking (with caveats!), unified inbox with threaded messages, App folders, and bluetooth keyboards. Apple iOS 4 review
WordPress 3.0 got released!
A couple of good articles on the WordPress 3.0 release. WordPress 3 Jazzes Up Open Source Content Management Hands-on: WordPress 3.0 adds better customization and multisite networks