Why Us


Zaaviya embodies the vision, focus, expertise and commitment to deliver web and mobile solutions for our clients needs. Our strategy is to maintain a lean business model and pass on the savings to our clients for a maximum return of their investment.


We employ a simple and straightforward approach to effectively undertake projects and deliver them to our clients’ satisfaction. The following 5 stages define our approach that is designed to keep our clients engaged throughout the process.

  • Requirements Analysis

    We place a priority on listening to your requirements and developing solutions to fulfill your business goals in alignment with your target audience. After gathering the initial requirements, we study the business model of the client and conduct a comprehensive analysis to define the scope of work that it entails. At this stage, we share our vision of the product layout, look and feel, and the technology to be implemented along with all other relevant details in order to refine them according to your input and feedback.

  • Design & Development

    After earning your approval on the refined scope of the project, we draft the design document for our team. This design document drives the development of the project. Our professional team will then work on your project in accordance with your guidelines and requirements. During the project development phase, we keep you continually informed about the progress of the project and keep you engaged as each milestone is reached.

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

    After the development phase is completed, the quality assurance phase ensures that all requirements have been met and complete functionality has been implemented. Each module of the product is tested to verify its intended functionality. The final product is tested for reliability and performance. Iterative runs of this process are completed to ensure all issues are fixed.

  • Deployment

    The deployment phase deals with making the product go live without any glitches so that it is accessible to the end user and working as desired. This stage completes the delivery of the project to the client and is accompanied by a Transfer of Information session that serves as the milestone to hand over the final product with a presentation of a helpful User Guide to understand the complete functionality. This User Guide also serves as a resource for future reference.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Our maintenance and support service includes the access to our experienced and knowledgeable team with timely response. We make it a priority to follow up on all such requests in conjunction with the nature of any support request. We’ll also keep you informed of any possible maintenance issues regarding updates and upgrades that your product will require or benefit from.