Best Apps for Iphone and Android Developement 2011

The following lists are for the top iPhone and Android apps of 2011.


1. iSlash App for iPhone

Quick reaction game, chopping shape to certain percentage while avoiding ninja stars.

2. Myths and Facts App for iPhone

Exploring and explaining myths and facts on your iPhone

3. Yearly App for iPhone

Extracting data associated with the contacts in address book for different events like birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Kayak

Search for hotels, flights and car rentals with Kayak app on your iPhone.

5. Plants v. Zombies

Plants offensive and defensive capabilities to stop the horde of zombies attack.

6. Yelp

Search food spots, bars, banks, drugstores and gas stations using the yelp app on your iPhone.

7. OpenTable

Table reservations at last-minute in US, Canada and UK at 15,000 restaurants. Search by cuisine, price, and reservation time.

8. Amazon

Compare prices, look at the snapshot of products and shop with your Amazon account on Amazon app.

9. Find My iPhone:

Locate, lock, and wipe your phone if you lose it anywhere.

10. Skype:

Text message, voice call and video call on Skype app on your iPhone without Wi-Fi

11. Hulu Plus:

Stream TV shows and documentaries over 3G or Wi-Fi

12. Nike+ GPS

Track your runs and walks, what routes you took, calories burned, your speed, distance, and all that good stuff.

13. Dropbox

Read PDFs, image files, and Microsoft Office files with Dropbox app.

14. Evernote

Take, save and sync notes

15. MyNetDiary

Enter the whole thing you eat into this app and it charts all your levels for you.

Best apps for Android

1. Jane’s Hotel Game App for Android

Develop, plan strategy and help Jane to build a five star hotel with Jane’s Hotel game

2. Build-a-lot App for Android

Become a real estate tycoon. Build, buy, and sell houses.

3. Fieldrunners HD Game App for Android

HD game for android. Strategically put gun turrets to check the wave of enemies from approaching your home base.

4.Wood Bridges App for Android
Fun, puzzle and build bridges using different

5. Unified Remote

The app is actually a collection of different remotes, each optimized for a specific app, and supports expansion through custom remotes.

6. Apparatus

Use wood, balls, weights, engines, wheels and more to set up your machine with Apparatus puzzle game.

7. PowerTutor

Check the most power consumption process and app with PowerTutor app

8. Jet Car Stunts

Jump, loop, corkscrew, and steering while in the air and enjoy the Jet Car Stunts game.

9. Seesmic

Multiple accounts support, a home page widget showing latest tweets and an incredibly slick and professional design,

10. Facebook for Android

Enjoy Facebook on Android supported phones with inbox features

11. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO is Windows-style file explorer, but if you’re into tinkering and directly installing Android APK files yourself.

12. Google Sky Map

Point your phone at the sky, and then learn what constellations are visible.

13. Layar

Adding an online shop that allows users to buy Augmented Reality(AR) content such as travel guides, local house price apps and much more.

14. Foursquare

The social media darling Foursquare is represented in fine form on Android, with the Google app offering easy one-click check-ins

15. WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android started out as independent creation wpToGo, before WordPress decided it liked it so much it bought it up – hiring the maker to develop it in-house

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