WordPress Release Features – A Lookback

WordPress has grown very popular recently, but its roots and development go back to 2001. This is a mature and stable CMS platform/blog engine. WordPress was born out of the desire for an easy to use and robust personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. It has grown in […]

10 Best Apps on iPhone and Android

Littlephoto Android App Littlephoto provides some great effects to turn your boringly pristine digital photos into retro works of art. BBC News Android App The Beeb has done a great job on this app, as it looks slick but also provides a very intuitive way to browse around news subjects. Better Hotmail Microsoft has yet […]

WordPress and Drupal – What’s right for your website?

WordPress is awesome on the outside (administration UI) while Drupal works better on the inside (architecture, design API). WordPress is better than Drupal for blogs, but Drupal stands out when you have more sophisticated requirements. Non-technical people tend to like WordPress better because it is easier to use. People more well-versed in software development find […]

MeeGo, the buzz and beyond

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Intel Developers Forum 2010 in San Francisco. A Meego Developers Conference was also held on one of the days along with the Intel AppUp Elements forum. MeeGo is a linux based open source OS targeted for the mobile and netbook devices. AppUp is the app store / […]

LG Tablet to Feature Android OS

As the first wave of Android based tablets enter the market later this year, it’ll attract more users to switch to Android phones in order to experience a seamless integration of their apps on the phones with the tablet. Google’s collaboration with Verizon for such a tablet seems to be the best candidate to gain […]

LinkedIn improvements to increase user engagement

It is nice to see that LinkedIn is making these changes to encourage and give incentive to people to contribute and engage in conversations in groups. If LinkedIn can also make their group update emails more user-friendly as well with an easy to follow format classifying the updates, it will help them drive more traffic […]

iPhone OS 4 is out!

CNET has an awesome in-depth review on the iPhone OS 4. My favorite features are multi-tasking (with caveats!), unified inbox with threaded messages, App folders, and bluetooth keyboards. Apple iOS 4 review