MeeGo, the buzz and beyond

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Intel Developers Forum 2010 in San Francisco. A Meego Developers Conference was also held on one of the days along with the Intel AppUp Elements forum.

MeeGo is a linux based open source OS targeted for the mobile and netbook devices. AppUp is the app store / eco system to enable developers and users to maximize the potential of apps built on MeeGo.

In a forum that is pitching the OS or platform of the company that is organizing the event, you are bound to hear a lot of stuff that is intended to promote the platform but it is through doing a bit of research on your own that you realize the potential of a new platform and if it is the right time for you to jump on it.

I personally found the following articles quite insightful. They range from the die-hard fans to steadfast opponents but the most instructive details lie somewhere in between.

Intel ups tablet ammo with MeeGo, Android 2.2 for x86

MeeGo, Android, ChromeOS – Signs of Linux REALLY Going Mainstream Finally?

Should Nokia drop MeeGo and put Google Android on their hardware?

Why this Linux Fan roots for MeeGo – not Android

MeeGo vs Android: 5 Reasons why MeeGo can’t compare with ANDROID

openSUSE 11.3 Supports MeeGo, Android, iPhone & Blackberry

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