Essential Components for Effective SEO

Every search engine has different algorithms that they can use to rank the sites, and these algorithms are always changing. As all the necessary components of a good SEO strategy combine to give a good result, it takes effective strategy to implement the tactical elements to work together perfectly.

Key Components for effective SEO are:

Keywords: Identify the keywords which can best describe your small business and the terms which come to users’ mind when they go for online searches.

Site Architecture and Structure: Since Google does not rank websites, rather they rank pages, so it is important to take care of the way the website is developed e.g. page with outgoing links, creating a structure where each category and product has its own page.

Perform page optimization by putting the keyword in multiples places on the page such as: url, page title, image filename, body text, page heading h1, h2, image alt attributes, bold and italic text, meta description

Build Links through blog  posting, linkbait, directory submissions, competitor analysis, profile pages and hosted sites, blogger reviews, press releases, leveraging existing relationships with suppliers and trade associations, digital PR, internal link optimization,

Strategize SEO Tactics by putting your efforts into creating links of high value e.g.  xml sitemap, keyword research, on-page optimization, embedded widgets and badges, viral content, dynamic urls.

Linkbait via Social Media e.g Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon. Google search engine results for a story or topic go much further if the site ranks higher. Examples include: a major blog has an inbound link to your site, a Digg story links to your site, a minor blog has inbound links to your site, a tweet links to your site, etc.

Few Suggested SEO Components:

  • Meta Title, Meta Description, Keywords and Phrases.
  • Keyword Rich Page content and Links.
  • Site Search Indexing.
  • Fixing Broken Links on your site.
  • Fresh Content on the website.

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